INFO : For sale stone-grained 30m repeater set wallpaper with raw glue - Japan

Product Details

Width 92-92.5cm

Cloth 2021-2023 Based

on the concept of "coordinating the entire room with one book",
it is an easy-to-select sample book and catalog that is easy to imagine with construction example photos, etc. ♪
"Anshin Series" 25 points " Commitment series "80 points

Thick and beautifully finished" Anshin series "
・ All points thick plain type (plain paste is possible)
・ Unevenness of the base is inconspicuous
・ You can choose the whole top wall・ Reliable design
for new construction and remodeling &

Color "discerning series"
・ All points with water repellency, antibacterial function・ Abundant
designs that can be selected as accents
・ Abundant color variations
・ Lineup that allows you to enjoy coordination

It is a recommended product for reform and DIY in any situation regardless of conditions ♪

* Expiration date *
It will be about 2 weeks after delivery when stored indoors in a completely sealed state.
We recommend that you use it as soon as possible (within one week).

Halo-halo also accepts orders by specifying the delivery date and delivery time zone according to the construction date.

A room of about 6 tatami mats can be remodeled at 30m.

Color variations


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